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NZT Products offers a wide variety of products, from tools to details to unique kits for model railroaders working in the small scales: N (1:160), Z (1:220), and T (1:450). Our focus is on quality, and our products are backed by an ironclad satisfaction guarantee. Learn more.

What's New?

NZT is not going out of business! Between moving (what a nightmare) and health issues, everything is taking about 500% longer than expected. Please bear with me as I work to bring NZT Products back—better than ever!


I dare anyone to purchase this product... and say they are not impressed. Every N scaler should own this product, you owe it to your self. It is that good. This has to be the FINEST mass produced N scale detail item ever made.

—Chris Young

I knew that your NZT line was cool but had no idea the scope of the coolness... I am completely blown away. It is not just one product either. It is all of them.

—Scott Lupia, KV Models

You cannot for love of God or Country, or stacks of cash for that matter, obtain any better quality and sized details in Z... If you like quality, precision, and detail as much as I do, get some NZT Products for your yourself!

—Robert Ray, laser kit designer

Your products are, beyond question, meticulously designed and flawlessly created... You haven't pushed the limits... you have set new standards where there are no limits.

—Norm Anderson, M.D.

These are well researched, well thought out, useful, and well executed model railroad items... I really do think this is the direction Z should be going, and you seem to be the only one moving forward in this direction.

—Kelly Wright

I haven't even opened the package yet and all I see is detail everywhere. I almost want to keep one sealed like a collectible.

—Chris Schmuck

Thanks for putting a product out there worth buying!

—James Will, willmodels

David, you are a loser.

—Paul Lubliner, Highliners Direct

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