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ZD-006, 007 & 008: Z Scale Switch Machines

The humble switch machine is perhaps one of the most frequently overlooked details in small scale model railroading. One reason is they're not available commercially. NZT is fixing that. Based on one of several common prototype styles (right), the NZT Z Scale switch machines are finely detailed, thanks to exquisite laser mastering by Stonebridge Models.

NZT's switch machines also solve two big problems in the Z Scale modeling world...

Problem one. Model track tie spacing is inconsistent. Much of it is based on European standards (thanks to Z Scale inventor Märklin), while some newer products reflect American practice. Since the switch machine is physically mounted on two ties, it becomes awkward when the model machine doesn't fit properly.

Solution one. NZT switch machines come in two styles (right). The "wide tie" style is designed to fit Märklin, Wright and other track products with wider tie spacing, while the "narrow tie" style will fit Fast Tracks or handlaid track, and other products that are correct for American prototype track.

Problem two. Modelers who use roadbed-style track, such as Micro-Trains Micro-Track®, have a tough time mounting a switch machine. They must construct some sort of raised surface that simulates the roadbed, on which they need to place tie extensions for the switch machine. It's not especially convenient, and often less than adequate in appearance.

Solution two. NZT offers switch machines that include pre-fabricated roadbed parts (right). They're cosmetically exact matches for the two roadbed styles, complete with matching ties that line up precisely with those on the switch. The modeler gets to install their switch machine in less than a minute. No fuss, no muss, and perfect cosmetics. It couldn't be any simpler!

The switch machines are cast in black (the prototypes are usually either black or silver), and the roadbed parts are textured and tinted to match the corresponding roadbed track products as best as practical. Assembly is simply a matter of coloring the ties (brown and/or black Sharpies work well for this), bonding the switch machine to the roadbed, and bonding the assembly to the switch; the switch machine can be attached to either side of the switch.

NZT offers the Z Scale switch machines in three different flavors—order yours according to your needs.

The following products include one pair of switch machines in each pack.
MSRP: $5.00

ZD-006: Two Switch Machines for Narrow Tie Spacing

ZD-007: Two Switch Machines for Wide Tie Spacing

The following products include one switch machine and one roadbed part, unassembled.
MSRP: $6.00

ZD-008: Switch Machine Kit for Micro-Trains Track

Available now through select dealers.

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